Tie And Jeans

Rethinking Video

I think I’ve done a video project, either as a classroom teacher or a tech assist, every year since I started working.  There’s this big body of knowledge and expertise that I feel I’ve developed on how to work with kids and video, ways to manage hardware scarcity and build solid projects that give students lots of latitude but produce reasonably consistent results.  But all of those experiences are aimed at producing what I’ve started thinking of as “long video” – linear chunks of film, 3 -15 minutes long, produced by a small group or individual.  It’s a big project, hours of lab time for editing and a period or two for viewing.

And it doesn’t seem to line up with the video that most of these kids consume.  It seems focused on an end product that I’m not sure has any relevance outside of this closed classroom ecosystem.  So I’m starting to wonder and look for ways to shake up my conception of what video means in the classroom setting.


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