Tie And Jeans

It’s all and fun and games until someone posts during the SSAT

I got to watch (well, second hand through the Twitter transcript Karl Fisch posted), a fascinating conversation about a school pulling
together an aggregated list of all the Twitter feeds from their students.

Photo from Flickr user Everyplace, content from The Legend of Zelda

As a bit of obvious background, I’m trying to keep a thin line between this blog and my current school. If you took 5 minutes you could stitch together the pieces, and I’m not working overtime to obfuscate my identity. But I don’t name them or link to them, I run the blog on WordPress and not on the blogging service we run, and I don’t send posts or links to anyone I work with. It’s this last part that crosses the border deep into silly. My workspace for thinking through EdTech issues is something I wall off from my colleagues who work through EdTech issues.

To be fair, I’m new at this school. They seem to have a lot of well-intentioned and rational people up the admin chain. They’re making a big push or tech across the campus, and the conversations I have all seem to recognize that the central point of that expansion is to allow students and faculty to have more visibility outside of the school walls, and to construct more open and authentic experiences for the students. But I’m still cautious; I’m always aware that something that might be natural for me to write in (relative) isolation can quickly become a problem if it’s linked to or in any way seen to be endorsed by the school.

And you want to blanket aggregate student Twitter feeds?! Rock on!

I’m not sure if this is the sign of a program that knows where it’s going and is willing to take some un-school-like steps to get there, or if it’s a sign of a passionate person “just doing” and figuring out the paperwork later.

I just know that I’ve become so deeply “tie” that I’m not wondering if we could do it (easy!), or if we should do it (most likely! Big unified platform for constituents to interact), but what the blow-back would be the first time someone got upset by the feed content.


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