Tie And Jeans

Holiday Clearinghouse

When I’m at school, there are very few spare moments to where I’m free to write. Since the great MacHeist giveaway earlier this year, I’ve taken to starting all of my blog posts and substantive emails in WriteRoom, in order to make the most of those fleeting minutes. That big black screen does a good job of chasing away the urge to use 5 minutes to “check up” on anything and just process the ideas careening wildly against my ToDo list.

Unfortunately, WriteRoom has also become the place those ideas go to die.

Time to go back and finish stray thoughts or check for missing verbs is doubly thin on the ground. To deal with this, I’m taking these work-empty weeks and trying to close off some tabs.

The holiday break is not the optimal time to adopt a regular posting schedule and build audience. But it’s time time I have, and I’m going to use it.


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