Tie And Jeans

Not an #educon wrap up.

I will get to that soon enough. The abiding sense I left #educon with was shame. Shame at not doing more for the kids in my class. Shame that my school uses its wealth, stability and independence to push for 10% better, instead of 80% new.

There’s a lot of strictures that teachers work within, but we craft the most restrictive of them out of our own heads.

So I’m perpetually grateful that I have educators like Ira Socol, Jim Groom and Tom/Ted Coe (really, I’m confused about his name) to remind me that I’m trapped in a universe factory but have become satisfied with making license plates.


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One thought on “Not an #educon wrap up.

  1. Wish I had been there with you! I learned so much (and felt that same sense of shame that we aren’t doing enough) virtually. Looking forward to the full reflections :)

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