Tie And Jeans

I have Problems with Triplicate

Earlier today I was bemoaning my innability to write concisely. Just look at that sentence! Its skirting with a double negative just to complain that I’m longwinded! Instead of writing a direct one-idea blogpost, I find myself stuck with 4 paragraphs of preamble and quibble, a set of stacked ideas and still fighting to draw some sort of rallying conclusion out of the damn thing. Did the 5-paragraph essay touch me in a bad place when I was young?

A small Twitter exchange with @dontworryteach reminded me despite the frustration, there is a real benefit to this interminable process. It’s the process of working the idea into actual sentances that exposes all the hand-wavey gaps that I narrate over. Years of meetings that function on constant interruption, half-statement and “yadda yadda” sentence completion have turned me into a lazy speaker. Taking that mush and building something solid, one word at a time, is where my head fluff turns into something moderately cogent.

The next logical step is to plan ahead and leave time for actual revision.


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