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Nerd Trollin’

IndieSchoolLibrarian pulled one of my favorite DS106 assignments out of the vaults, and I needed to keep up.

In my mind, the best Troll Quotes are ones where the joke demands a fair amount of subject knowledge.  I think this hits that target well.  But I’m usnure how to balance the third identity in the “person quoting the other side” model.  What names makes the best punchline for this setup Alan Kay?  rms?  Seymour Papert?

This may get me punched at Constructing Modern Knowledge


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One thought on “Nerd Trollin’

  1. Your wit certainly lines up with many of the other tech-minded, overly educated folks in the ds106 crew! Thankfully, I’ve just finished the Steve Jobs biography, so I actually know who Alan Kay is (I’m not the best historian of important IT and computer science people). And yes, this certainly does enrage those that know what Alan is responsible for envisioning :)

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