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I Believe So Strongly in #ds106

For a few years, I’ve watched the explosion of amazing film-clip GIFs take over the web. Even as the #ds106 crew churned out fantastic artifacts in class after class, I consistently viewed that as a consumer.  Clearly it involves a lot of aestetic judgment and technical skill.  It belongs in the “complicated with Photoshop” bucket, aka the “Not for me!” pile.

WRONG!  Make art!

So while I know that my craftsmanship is weak, at least I can step it up on a curatorial level.  These are all from one of my favorite films, Soderbergh’s cinematic throat clearing excercise Schizopolis!

I believe so strongly in mayonaise

“I believe so strongly in mayonaise.”

That last GIF is cut from an amazing sequence where Soderbergy runs through a dozen hideous faces in a bathroom mirror, and then snaps back into normalcy in a split second when someone else walks into the restroom.

The other cult gem of my DVD/VHS collection is John Greyson’s Zero Patience.  Sadly, most of my immediate thoughts for GIFs involve incidental or pupet nudity.  I’m living with a holistic public identity, but I recognize the benefits of keeping the bathouse barbershop trio out of my google results.

Oh, and while I’m at it, have a little Fred Rogers.


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4 thoughts on “I Believe So Strongly in #ds106

  1. Wow, Andrew, I’d say you’ve nailed it here! That mayonnaise one at the beginning is wonderful (great jumpsuit and goggles) and the faces-in-the-mirror one is priceless.

    I still have yet to do a cinematic animated GIF, and look forward to getting into doing them. While I have yet to be challenged by the technical aspects, the actual selection of a good moment from a film is where I’m at. It seems it might involve watching a few movies with an “eye” for the right scene. As you referenced at the beginning of your post, the fantastic examples that have come before in ds106 can be a bit intimidating — so many of them seem to capture the moment/character/film just so well! I think I’ll start by reviewing the “Say It Like Peanut Butter” assignment, VisualAssignments2 to see exactly what has come before.

  2. I have to agree with Andrew Forgrave, you nailed the animated GIFs. I love the one of Soderbergh’s faces, and the one with the crazy goggles is awesome too. If this is your first run through on animated GIFs you are a force to be reckoned with. What’s more, how was the process? Easier than you think, right?

  3. tieandjeans on said:

    Jim: Way easier than I thought! I used your tutorial as a basis, but had access to Photoshop instead of GIMP. I kept waiting for the moment where I was going to need to mask the moving action out of the background.

    The hardest part of the process was finding where PS hid the menu item you were looking for. Import Files as Layers isn’t even in Photoshop anymore. It lives in Bridge! Layers to Frames is in the Animation Window, then in pulldown menu triggered by a 1U icon in the upper RIGHT of that floating pane.

    Andrew: The best part of this process was mentioning the project to my wife, and having her shout out all of the scenes I was collecting from the couch. It took a second to separate out the bits that were only significant via dialog/music , but after that we found our memories had already sliced this film up into GIF sized chunks.

    Schizopolis, along with Hal Hartley’s Trust, were the films of our early courtship. Oooh. Got to go pull TRUST!

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