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New Schedules, New Space

We’re closing out our first academic week. In the weird jargon of our rotating calendar, it’s a Friday F-Day, which feels like a double weekend. In another month I’ll settle into the rhythm of a new schedule, scouting out which days are packed so tight that to carry emergency calories on my person, and which have enough open space to heat up the soldering iron. Now I just feel discombobulated, like my shift schedule just changed at Saturn. “Oh, so Tuesday is now my Friday, but I have a bake/soup double on Thursday night.”

This year had two extra bits of schedule shuffle. Our 5th grade INFORMATION class moved form a luxurious 90 minute block into two 45 minute chunks. How much of what we accomplished over the last two years was a result of that big contiguous block of time? In a longer block, students had the freedom to take small breaks when they wanted, shifting their attention away from the day’s project for a few minutes to browse the library or check in with another student. I know we’ll find a good balance, but right now 45 minutes feels like we’ve replaced the most liberating and productive minutes of our class with adult instructions and procedures.

The schedule for Makers didn’t change, but there was a last minute change of venue. We had previously met in a Fine Arts classroom that was largely used as overflow – space for advisories, Mandarin, or drama classes during major theater productions. It should be said, we have a great Arts department that shares one theater for K-12 orchestra, percussion, choral, and drama. Our year is full of productions!


After a few days of stress about that (literally) closing door, I found an incredible open window closet. Our amazing facilities team, in the midst of their most frantic week, spackeled and painted the old “tech support” room. It’s only 6×20, but it has shelving! Shelves are amazing.


Now that our developing program has home for the year, we’re ready to take the next steps in developing from a secret fiefdom into a open and accessible resource for teachers and students.



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