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What Goes On The Bus: MakerFaire Norfolk

There’s 25 minutes before my next class start and I’m spinning in frantic circles. Not enough time to grab supplies from Costco. Too early to pack the bus. Everything ready for the rest of the days classes, so what’s driving the anxiety? What am I forgetting?

Breathe. Blog.

On the calendar, there appears to be some time between MakerFaire NYC and this weekends Mini Maker Faire in Norfolk. I missed those days, if they really passed through this town, bundled up in a cloud of anxious planning. Every morning Annika sings me a new variaton on the same theme. “Slow down Dada, eveything will work out OK / You just do your best and open your heart / and everything will work out.”

In those hectic weeks, blogging becomes the sealed letter on the table that I pass over, the mirror I avoid every night. When I say ” I was crazy busy!” I almost always mean “I was terrified that if I really looked, I’d find problems that I couldn’t fix.”

Here’s the state of play – four of the five makers kids are going to sit through a hellish evening of traffic on I95 south and spend Saturday marveling at what the Faire has to offer. Our grand project, a pinball machine with Chicago Coin gameplay and Funhouse+Barb Wire charm, missed the mark on almost every possible front. Whatever. It goes in the bus. The other projects, using Scratch, MakeyMakeys and all the other power tools, are built out of tape and cardboard. Moving them means rebulding them, and rebuilding means redesign.

Whatever. In the bus.

Annika sings back the lessons we’ve tried to teach, and the ones we couldn’t help but pass on. We’ll do our best, head out with excitment and open hearts, and keep working through our next/best ideas.

Everything we put on the bus is part of our journey into Maker culture. The bus, the MakerFaire, the class itself, is just the empty box for our Design Tranmorgrifier.



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6 thoughts on “What Goes On The Bus: MakerFaire Norfolk

  1. Doesn’t look like any of my students are going to be able to come down for it, but I’m still headed down and planning to bring some things from our space to show off as well.

  2. tieandjeans on said:

    Great to hear. We’re on track to leave Fairfax around 5 this evening. So I’ll tweet out when we finally roll through Fredericksburg at 9:30. :(

    • You all were smart to go the night before. What time are you getting there? I know the doors open at 10 but are allowed to get in earlier to setup your table? I packed the Printrbot Jr with a roll of plastic, a few printed items to show off, a MakeyMakey kit, a variety of Littlebits, the PirateBox, and a small flying helicopter (just because).

      • tieandjeans on said:

        Setup time is 7a-930a. But we have enough 8th graders to help bring everything from the parking lot in one trip, no matter when you arrive.

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