Tie And Jeans

Artifact from a good day

Each 5th grade class had a moment today where the only sound was the chuffing of adolescent brains capturing their own absurd/hilarious pigeon visions on Scratch.

It made a horrible photo. Just kids sprawled out laptops. From the back it’s just a vendor ad. From their screen side, all you see is the rough, oddly zoomed Mo Willems inspired art. Nothing caught their perfect half smiles, tweaked just a bit by the challenge of translating their mental movie in a few move and costume blocks.

Makers was great, but similarly unphotogenic. I think that P- walked out with a Drawdio enabled tie. J- left this on the pinball machine, after a period checking coil resistances with the ohmmeter.


There was a small dance party when he found the line on the schematic between the blown 10amp fuse and coil #3, burned out with only 2ohms of resistance.

That moment would have made a good media artifact for the day. I missed it because I was too busy dancing.


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2 thoughts on “Artifact from a good day

  1. I know that dance party moment. I feel it too rarely in the lab. I want it to happen more often.

  2. Sometimes (maybe always) it’s so much more important to be in the moment. Dance away. Dance away.

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