Tie And Jeans

What’s On The Menu?

“Isn’t it convenient everything worth learning takes an integer number of semesters?”

I stole that line from Gary Stager and it’s become a core pillar of my reflective practice. We have an institutionally ingrained bias that treats Frankenstein-ed semesters as a coherent whole, forcing any modification to pass the “just like THIS, but better” test. Students’ universal (but not identical!) drive to build and explore, to explain their world through story and song, is keelhauled by content and dissected by rubrics.

Sorry about that.

That old song is a favorite of mine, but it’s also a bit of an earworm. We’d like Break the Bell to represent something new.

Break The Bell steals heat from this friction, grinding the shining orb of possibility against the firing gears of the academic day. Break The Bell is our response to every room of rolled eyes that confuses optimism for naiveté. Break the Bell is our attempt to curate “real world” implementations without forgetting for a moment that there’s nothing in that “real world” makes it right.


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