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Gardens of Rabbit Holes – Rough Video

Earlier this year, I was invited by Mary Smith and Karen Richardson to share my experiences and reflections on rapidly expanding K12 Maker movement. I make no claims to originality in this work, but it’s something I ‘ve been working towards for a few years. I wound up with something like an expansion of What’s ideal for Middle School Makers post, exploring how schools can encourage student-driven community learning hubs by means other than tool acquisition.  I also had a cutsey set of bullet points.

  • Tools at the bottom
  • Broad stairs at the top
  • Ample Signage
  • Drop in anytime!
  • No one (has to) go in alone.

I’ve had watching and translating the content from this short talk on my TODO list since it happened, but I obviously haven’t.  I’m posting the rough video here, both to motivate me towards some further action and/or share the work as it stands.

[youtube http://youtu.be/7GY3Ofcjgb0]

There’s other great presentations on the VirtualVA page, including sets from Melanie Barker and Tim Owens, who shared their Friday night with all of us.

Moving from Keynote -> PPT -> Blackboard presenter munged all of the bullet points, of course.  I’ve posted a few of the important slides below as images, so everyone can enjoy the awesomeness of Francessca’s Collabratory.

rabbit hole - MAKERS.012
rabbit hole - MAKERS.007 rabbit hole - MAKERS.003 rabbit hole - MAKERS.017



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4 thoughts on “Gardens of Rabbit Holes – Rough Video

  1. I listened to/watched this podcast this morning. I like the Collaboratory shelves, because I like the idea that the bins’ function could be color-coded, like “anything in a green bin can be used right away. Anything in a blue bin requires a brief orientation to its use the first time, but then it’s just like green. Yellow bins require adult permission every time you use something from them. Red bins require adult permission andsupervision. Orange bins contain things that haven’t been disassembled yet; you have to disassemble and sort what’s in there in order to use anything from it.”

    • tieandjeans on said:

      Absolutely. Height is a nice primary sort if you can get it, but color works anywhere and can have some rich meaning

      I also lie the idea that”put away properly” doesn’t have to be every screwdriver with all the other screwdrivers.

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  3. Pingback: Creativity within Rules | Wanderings in the Labyrinth

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