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A+ Certified Literate, Compliant and Humane

Here’s what sucks about teaching: there’s very few way to show that you’re any good at your job.

This is slightly different than the discussion Dan hosted about the lack of feedback from the system of school that will push you to do your best work, or Shawn’s post about how we systemically reward good teachers by pushing them out of the classroom.

This is about how to capture and share your material strengths (aka, your chops) as an educator with the wider world.

Of course I want the blog to serve as that shining beacon of passion, craft and holistic identity.  But the reality of hiring teachers, the reality of communication  or simply common language between schools, is so far away from that.

We’re so far away, that amazing colleagues will stress about applications into brand-loyalty programs for giant tech companies. We know it’s not a meaningful analysis of the work that dominates our days, but “hey, it’s something.” It’s something official sounding to stick on a resume, bait for the next admin on a hiring committee that’s trying to judge between a dozen seemingly identical resumes that drone on about  1:1 programs and student centered innovation.

Let’s focus on how asinine this is. In order to bling out our future resume and entice some future administrator to read our blog (or god forbid call us back!), we’ll slog through another application process, create more material that will sit in stacks of thousands and hopefully catch the eye of another anonymous time-pressed administrator.

We feel that we need sponsor logos on our teaching craft just to be visible.

It’s a depressing matryoshka of make-work, only dwarfed by the similarly arbitrary pre-pre-pre-certification routines we force kids to dance through every day.

[youtube http://youtu.be/4RL2tqVlphg]

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2 thoughts on “A+ Certified Literate, Compliant and Humane

  1. Amen brother. My preference to these silly certifications if one cares about standing out: do things that so far exceed the power of these brands via deep authenticity of product that the brand itself comes looking to you for advice;)

  2. And I say “Amen, Brother” as well.

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