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New #makerEd chat – Tuesday 5/7

Laura is a smart cookie. For months, I’ve been content to wrangle as many K12 Maker folk as I can find into my Twitter feed. Laura had the bright idea to anchor a Twitter chat and try to bring all of those voices together.

That brings us the first #makerEd chat – Tuesday 5/7 at 6p EDT, 3 PDT, and 6a for @briancsmith in Hong Kong.

I’ve had several opportunities to speak about K-12 Makercultre recently, and I find that those groups are fascinated by the material stuff of that intersection. The things we use in our Makerspace, whether it’s an Adafruit kit our in-process MendelMax or the warren of stray cardboard, may dictate our products but they have little effect on our learning environment.

Our goal for #makerEd is to shift focus off of the stuff.

Although the growth of the Maker Movement has been fueled by commodification of certain tools, Maker Culture is not just about 3D printing, mobile devices, or Minecraft. For schools, a Maker Space serves as an incubator for new fascinations, as a STEM Lab to explores the foundation of our connected and mobile lifestyle, and an studio for crafts still being invented. A Makerspace empowers students, responds to their choices and curiosity, and highlights the gaps between a school’s curriculum and its mission.

What Shawn observes about #sbg is equally true for #makerEd. Restocking a K12 classroom with Arduino projects or robots or 3D printers is a much smaller hurdle when compared to relearning how to teach in the diverse, student-driven #makerEd environment. If you’re interested in taking any steps into this space, join us on Tuesdays for #makerEd. If you’re already living and teaching in this space, and you’re struggling to honor student engagement and vision against the realities of schedule and classrooms, then you should absolutley join us for #makerEd.


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