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Vision for #MakerEd

Even though it feels like I write about Makers all the time, I’ve been struggling this week to come up with a blurb-y description of our program for internal school purposes. Partly this is my distrust of PR and guidebooks. Partly this is my deeply repressed nervousness that these questions are just prelude to the inevitable, angry, “Why do we pay you to show up?!”

So here’s my first draft. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of feedback from school constituents about wether this fits our style guide or brand image. As my #MakerEd colleagues, does it do a decent job representing our goals and heritage?

The Flint Hill Makers program aims to infuse community with a spirit of inquiry and empowerment through hands on explorations, construction and iterative design.

Our Maker program is an embodiment of Seymour Papert’s pedagogy of constructionism, where students build their understanding through rich interactions with the computational, electrical and physical systems. The course offers creative engineering for middle school students, with exercises designed for adolescents to develop cutting edge skills and phenomenal grit through exploration and play.

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4 thoughts on “Vision for #MakerEd

  1. Lindsey Own on said:

    I love it, especially the last sentence about grit and physical skills! (In fact, you might want to specify more skills… especially physical crafting, as some might see “skills” and think “reading comprehension and math facts.”

    I’m wary of including ultra-“pedagogical” language in documents that go beyond teachers only… if this is intended to help parents and admins, I recommend skipping Seymour Papert and maybe something like “Our Maker program is an embodiment of student-driven learning and student-constructed knowledge,…”

    Maybe also throw it at your students? What tweaks, ideas, and important features would they bring?

  2. I think it’s good. Consider flipping the first and last sentence and see how you like it. Meaning… The Flint Hill Makers programs offers creative engineering… At the present, the opening sounds aspirational and the last sentence is concrete. I like to lead with the concrete.

    Also, constructionism is a theory of learning, not really pedagogy which is the practice of teaching. Constructionism doesn’t attempt to explain how to teach, although most teachers who believe in constructionism use open-ended, project-based teaching methods. Although I like how pedagogy sounds in the sentence… because if you say “learning theory” it sounds wishy washy.

  3. Looks good. In para 2, I’d say embodies Papert’s pedagogy of, so that you don’t have the two of’s.
    Is there a word that can be added to computational, electrical and physical systems that makes it embrace the less-STEM-y. Material? I know physical -can- cover it, but physical can imply science, too.

    For the record, those are SUPER picky, and only so I could try to have a constructive comment. :)

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