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Hovercraft, Mark II

Last class, you built a hovercraft.

I won’t mince words. It’s pretty epic .



When the Hovercraft came out at the end of class (and in the other Makers class, and up on the 6th grade hallways, and while you were away on Field Studies…), there was a huge wave of delight and flat out greed. Within a reasonable margin of error, everybody wants one.

So you’re going to give them one.

Your next task is to make ANOTHER Hovercraft, a weird sibling to the kit you built last week, using material from the Makerspace.

Along the way, take pictures and keep track record of the material you use. Some parts seem obvious and specific- a power supply, a DC motor, a fan/propeller – while the other components may take surprising forms. Pay attention to the little things, down to the screws, wire and tape. It might be helpful to take a picture of each separate part right before use. Maybe a few extra pictures of the double-sided tape, when you’re trying to scrape it off the tabletop.

Experiment with your designs, until you have (at least!) one more Hovercraft ready to run the hallways.



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