Tie And Jeans

Final Makers Inventory

I’m about to turn in my computer and walk out the door. Here’s what’s actually left in the Makers room.


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4 thoughts on “Final Makers Inventory

  1. Is your school replacing you with someone new as the head of their MakerLab with you going off to something else? Or will the space be shuttered, or cleared back to a regular classroom?

    • tieandjeans on said:

      We’ve hired a great new Director of Maker Ed in imminent-Dr Lindsey Nelson. To the best of my knowledge, her classes will start the year based in that space. But I know she has a very clear vision on how to expand Makered beyond the elective bubble, which will undoubtably mean radical changes to the space and stuff.

      My goal here was to get a visual record of what stuff is where in the room. In the next few weeks, I’m going to record a tour through the why and how details for each component.

  2. Thanks for leaving as much as you did, Andrew. Our school, the program, me…we are all grateful to you and your vision, commitment, talent. Seriously.

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