Tie And Jeans

Settling past beards

Ha! Muscle memory passwords beat OAuth for once.

Hello. Are people still using readers? Oh, hello my friends from the long ago country. I have moved so many times since then, but even now I gather the young ones around the fire and tell them of the ages when Google Reader had friend-of-friend scoped comments for ANY post.

Are you me? Me 5 or 10 years from now? If so, please sit down! I really want to reintroduce you to Andrew of 2013.


Tieandjeans is still a useful backup brain. It would last forever if I would show a tiny spark of Tim Owens and host something myself.
That backup brain allows me to interrogate old ideas and old selves, and this guy is difficult to refute.

I remember talking to Beau that winter, and feeling that confidence. Things I took for granted:

  • Supportive, interconnected teams like the middle school Huskies.
  • Soon everyone would have unified, public professional portfolios, smartly #ds106 syndicated
  • Math teacher content is 100x fascist content on microblogging platforms

Despite that laughable naivete, I think the premise is still solid. I’ve had a decade more of teaching, and the places I grew most were the spaces 2013 Andrew describes here.
CI was just full of them. All of Gary and Yongno. The generous patience of PK teachers. That amazing, miracle 3C with Jess and Jae Rang and Cassie Crescenti and Nyra.
These were all places where we could not help but DO THE THING with each other, for each other, constantly. And we all got better.

2013 Andrew is posting in the confidence that even without an amazing team like the MS Huskies, the world will forever be one where you can find and form that niche.

This is true to a point! I know where Jaymes and Josh are, and I delight in seeing the historical memory of Josh’s Intellivision dominance. But the social cost of communication in those public forums is SO HIGH.

Somehow, in 2023, that old voice is pushing me in a lot of weird directions, trying to build versions of that community around different parts of my teaching practice.

We’re drawing people together to see there’s a space on the face of this VentureCap wave where you can have enough open, iterative, productive conversations that they move from linear to rows to trees to a connected graph. A space, if you will, for making.
I don’t know if I’m going to be back here. But I’m still and always my first last AT gmail and in Barcelona for a few years yet. I’m currently heiligekuh#0516 but they’re in the middle of a renaming, so we’ll see how that lasts.


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