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Makers? How can making be a class?

I’m still not sure if it’s a great class, but it’s certainly a standout hour of my day. Here’s today’s class compressed into about 2 minutes. Yes, I cheated and used audio to elicit an emotional response. I also captured spontaneous student emotion and cuteness.

Projects being worked on in the video include:
Sparkfun TriColor LED Breakout
First Arduino sketches
Testing power supplies
mini fume extractor using 120mm case fan
3 digit 7-segment display counter from the Make: Electronics text
An APC-esque noise maker using two 555s and a pair of transistors
parts shopping for ELWrire glasses, binary clocks, and others

As an unexpected benefit, I learned far more than I expected about my class by watching the timelapse three times. J-, who is seemingly sedentary through most of the class, is actually deeply engrossed in inventory and setting up the soldering for his MintyPOV. A-, who moves around far more, is clearly hopping from one conversation to the next, wandering off when the person he’s talking to gets involved with some tools and stops answering back. That boy needs a new project.

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